5 Unique Jewelry Designs That Must Be in Your Checklist in 2019

The jewelry industry is not confined to only few types of traditional designs. With the advent of talented designers and with the rise of customers’ demand, the line of collection is vast today. While each one of the designs is equally tempting, here are some of the most unique ones you must own.

Talking about fine jewelry, the options are endless when it comes to designs, stores and items. As a customer, it is not surprising that you are bound to get confused with the right selection that would suit your personality, taste, dressing and budget the best way. This list is exclusive for ladies varying in choice and exclusivity.

a) Starstruck jewelry

USP: The star shaped feature, mostly in diamonds, to go with every accessory

Starstruck jewelry is for the ones who are free-spirited, feminine and want to wear something to reflect their inner power and shine. These jewelries are fitted with diamonds, as the main gemstone, on 14k or 18k gold. Available as earrings, rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets, these pieces have extremely delicate look to bring on your ultimate feminism.

b) Birds of Paradise jewelry

USP: Colorful gemstones to signify the sanctuary of paradise and the exotic nature

The Birds of Paradise collection is for all who want to live their life free-spirited and colorful. The vibrant hues of gemstones like aquamarine, blue sapphire, emerald, opal and the most radiant diamond reflect in the designs of rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces depicting birds, butterflies and aquamarine lives. The much popular Annette Coronet ring is what made this collection highly in demand.

c) Love Bolt jewelry

USP: Bolt shaped pieces ensemble with multiple diamonds and a solitaire in between

These remind you of bolts, in diamonds. Made for the elegant and stylish ladies who want to keep in simple and maintain their signature style simultaneously. All the items under this collection have the typically bolt shaped diamonds. The must possess are the cuff rings and the lariat necklace.

d) Bubbly jewelry

USP: Bubble-shaped jewelry, mainly featuring pearls, diamonds and gold

Get floored with this cute collection of Bubbly jewelry. Bring out your inner virtue with the simple bubbles worn as hoops, circle studs, huggies and rings. These are exclusive for those who want the right amount of pearls in their diamond collections.

e) Stick n’ Stones jewelry

USP: Bar shaped pendants or earrings, completed with pearls and diamonds

Keep it simple and classy, this collection must be in the wardrobe for those who are strong and tough, and doesn’t get defeated by the world. The dropbars and shoulder duster earrings are must for collection.

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Fundamentals of Buying Rings Online

Diamonds are the best friend of a woman, as well as the best companion of a ring. An engagement ring goes the best when adorned with a solitaire or several single cut diamonds. But buying the same offline and online are two different things, and special care must be taken in the latter scene.

Gone are the days when buying jewelry required spending hours at a jewelry store looking at the limited stock available. Today, the internet has revolutionized the way we shop, making it as simple as point and click. While looking for engagement rings in fine jewelry stores online, one must be extra cautious about the purchase as this is going to be a pricey affair.

These are the few things one should keep in mind while buying an expensive piece of jewelry over the web. One should keep in mind what all things to consider before zeroing in to a particular site.

a) Cost effective

Online sellers save on the retail store overheads, electricity, and salary of the sales people which are then passed on to the buyer in the form of marked down prices as compared to physical stores. They offer amazing refund policies, incentives like free shipping, engraving, polishing, gift wrapping and often have fantastic offers.

b) Compare Prices

Price is one of the prime factors when buying jewelry. By shopping online, you can keep a tab on the price of the ring by comparing it with multiple jewelers. You are less impulsive and you are sure that you don’t spend more than you can actually afford. You get the best value for your hard earned money.

c) Online Reviews

You get abundant information, expert knowledge, reviews and ratings on purchases made online, making it easier to buy any jewelry depending on the reviews and ratings, rather than just relying on the salespeople, friends and relatives.

d) Quality

When buying rings online from a trusted source, be rest assured of the quality as it would at be at par as compared to any highly rated seller. Product information is updated upfront, right from the weight of the metal, to the crafting of the ring, carats, quality of the gemstone and more.

e) More convenient

Needless to say you save time while shopping online and that you at your convenience be it at home, at work or on the move. You have way more choices of rings to choose from or you can even get your custom design ring made. No pressure from pushy sales person, so you are free to choose your best fit. Finally, the product is shipped to you in a beautiful box, isn’t that simple.

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Feel Like a Goddess with Fine Jewelry

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Gold jewelry for women

What do smart online buyers look for in jewelry?

Digital era welcomes everyone aboard for every kind of transactions. Be it bill payment, registration, buying/selling products, or learning – online presence is soaring high. Among these, online shopping is the most popular among people of every age group. But do we need to be cautious to be safe?

While buying and selling products of every kind over the web is a common phenomenon these days, yet there are people who are still skeptical about online purchase. And at the same time, there is a huge group of people who don’t hesitate to go for gold jewelry online shopping. It is true this can be risky, but if done smartly, you won’t regret buying expensive and exclusive items like gold and diamond jewelries.

Let’s discuss what all things you must keep in mind while buying gold jewelry online. Be a smart buyer, follow these tips:

a) Ring size

Among the most important things to be noted is the confirmed size of the ring. There are ring size charts available on the web, where you can check the diameter of your finger and order accordingly. It is not advised to order any ring randomly without being sure of the ring size, especially from online stores where return policies are restricted.

b) Gold purity

The purity of gold is measured in carats – the purest form being in 24k. However, gold jewelry is made with 22k, 18k, and sometimes 16k and 14k, ranging in the amount of impurity mixed. Do note that diamonds and precious stones have to be studded in 18 k or lower.

c) Diamond or gemstone specifications

You need to check the size of the stone used, if you are buying any stone-studded jewelry, and the type of material used, whether it is gold, silver or any other material. The weight, color, purity measurements and all other relevant specifications should be mentioned and made aware to the customers.

d) Length of necklace or size of the earrings

Before buying the right necklace, do go through the details of the same – say, the length of it to not to end up buying a wrong necklace which you probably can’t wear the desired outfit. The same goes for earrings – make sure of the correct size as mentioned in the website, and compare with that of your required one. Buy only if you are convinced about a particular piece.

e) Value for money

Don’t get hypnotized by a unique design that might carry a hefty price tag. It might be distinct and rare as a design or make, but certainly not unavailable. Do your own research and look for a similar alternative at a more affordable price. The bottom-line is to look for good value for money.

f) Authentication and genuineness

When you are looking at an online jewelry site, you need to evaluate the reputation of the site itself. Is it a known brand? Read reviews of both the products they sell and the site itself. Make sure that the site has the proper security.

g) Confirm for return policy

Do make sure the seller has a proper return policy, in case you need to return or exchange the product bought. Also, do confirm that you don’t have to pay extra for shipping or returning the item.

h) Mode of payment

Last but not the least, it is extremely important to check the mode of payments and to ensure that the same are secured and safe, in case you are sharing your bank details for prepaying the amount. For first time purchase, it is advisable to go for Cash/Card on Delivery option. Once convinced with the overall service of a particular online retailer, you can continue with any mode of payment you feel convenient.

There are several trustworthy websites that sell women’s fine jewelry being trusted by thousands of users across the country. Reach out and make your first purchase, but be sure to check the above mentioned points. Be a smart buyer…and never regret again.

Fine Jewelries are Never Out of Trend

While it is an absolute delight for any woman to find her preferred fine jewerly online, it is equally important to take care of the treasure to preserve them for lifetime. Though a good quality women’s fine jewelry can withstand the wear and tear without bending or breaking, yet it needs regular maintenance, so that you can fully utilize the possession and late hands-down to next generation. If you are planning on buying some trendy fine jewelry online, visit Ron Hami on Ronhami.com to know more.

Must Possess Starstruck Jewelry For Every Closet

Talking of jewelry, nothing adds to the feminine look more than designs like celestial objects. Star, among all, is the most widely used by the designers and preferred by the wearers. The jewelries with star-designs are traditionally trusted to bring on the perfect desired look in the easiest way.

There are several types of fashionistas – one that keep on changing outfits regularly and don’t wear the same one in a month’s time, while the other segment do rotate between the few go-to-outfits but they play with the look of the ensemble with the use of the right accessory. Jewelries, like no other, do it the best. And starstruck jewelry, among all, stands out for its simplicity yet exclusivity.

If you are wondering about which all starstruck jewelry items must adorn you and your closet, this is for you:

Diamond earrings

Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. But, not everyone can afford a diamond necklace and it’s not often you have an occasion that calls for such an accessory, either. A starstruck diamond earrings, though, are a whole different story. They shine in the spotlight of weekend outings and make you look absolutely beautiful for special dates and family events.

Pendant Necklace

Sometimes, it’s better to wear a simple necklace that has a more subtle way of catching the eye than a signature necklace does. Consider buying a necklace with a thin, simple chain that hangs a lovely pendant shaped in the form of star studded with diamonds to give that exclusive look. The star-shaped pendant is the wow factor while the chain blends in with your complexion and the rest of your outfit.

Long Necklace

The next item on the list of classic jewelry pieces is a long necklace. You can choose whether you’d like it to be something with a long chain and a bigger star-shaped pendant or a string of similar diamond or gemstone studded star-charms that hang below the collar. Long necklaces are the perfect complement to tops with high necklines or generally simple outfits.

Stylish bracelets

Most accessories make a statement on their own, but it doesn’t hurt to add a few bracelets to your arm candy look. Bracelets come in all shapes and sizes, but the simple yet artistic ones come with 14 carat gold studded with star-shaped charms.


Paradise Sapphire and Diamond Crossover Ring

Rings are the easiest and the most common accessories that any woman wants. Even when you are not the typically accessories’ person, you can’t deny the charisma of a ring which could result in fascination for many. Small, simple rings look lovely when you arrange them correctly on your fingers.

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